Business Profile

  • Representing clients in proceedings before:
    • administrative authorities of first and second instance
    • courts of first and second instance
    • arbitration courts
    • Provincial Administrative Courts
    • The Supreme Administrative Court of the Republic of Poland
    • The Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland

Tax law:

  • proceedings before tax authorities and tax inspection authorities
  • analysis and legal opinions on the tax aspects of business
  • proceedings concerning "undisclosed sources of income"
  • current tax consultancy in the field of business operation
  • tax consequences involving the transformation of legal entities
  • defense in penal – fiscal law

Customs Law and Foreign Exchange Law:

  • proceedings before customs authorities of first and second instance
  • current advice on functioning of entities who import and export
  • representation in proceedings in individual cases

Business law:

  • consulting on choice of an appropriate form of conducting business
  • creation and transformation of partnerships and companies
  • merger, acquisition and division of partnerships and companies
  • partnerships and companies registration in the National Court Register
  • negotiation of trade agreements
  • drafting of partnerships and companies deeds
  • participation in acquisitions preceded by due diligence procedure
  • constant legal services provided for companies connected to production, IT and FMCG branches
  • legal services connected to bank loan procedures
  • legal service connected to labour law procedures in companies

Civil law:

  • negotiating and drafting contracts
  • preparation of opinions and legal expertise
  • cases for payment
  • compensation cases
  • family cases, including cases concerning dissolution of catholic marriage and distribution of property
  • cases connected to insurances with investment funds
  • insurance cases
  • protection of personal interests
  • cases related to inheritance law
  • cases related to execution
  • pharmaceutical law cases

European law:

  • preparation of complaints and representation of claimants in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights
  • opinions on issues relating to Community law, with particular emphasis on harmonization of indirect taxes (VAT Directive VI)
  • representation of parties in proceedings for a preliminary ruling before the Court of Justice of the European Union

Labour law

Representing employers and workers in labor court in the following cases:

  • payment of compensation for an accident at work
  • payment of compensation in labor law disputes,
  • establishment, change or termination of employment contracts,
  • harassment, mobbing and discrimination,
  • we prepare draft of employment contracts, managerial contracts and contracts prohibiting the conduct of competitive activity,